The course takes place as a research service learning course within the framework of the cooperative school projects of the Center for Teacher Education. Cooperating schools of the Center for Teacher Education are schools that bring a current school problem to the university, which they want to work on with the university teaching team (teachers and students). The goals of the Service Learning project originate from the school (real needs).

The cooperating school for the Service Learning project is a Secondary College for Business Administration (5 grades, general and business-oriented education) in Vienna. As an "e-Education-Austria-School", the school was already well positioned for home schooling before the COVID-19 pandemic, both technically and didactically. Nevertheless, all involved had to try out and get to know many new tools and methods under the special conditions of "involuntary" and distance teaching without exception in all subjects. This semester, with the help of the cooperative school project, the school team would like to find out which elements of distance learning could also be integrated into teaching after the pandemic because, from the students' point of view, they have worked well for their acquisition of competencies.